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Ausstellung zum Internationalen Tag gegen Gewalt an Frauen 

Luz Helena Marín Guzmán 


Luz Helena Marín Guzmán was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1980. She grew up in the capital of a fragmented and anti-modern nation, diverse and multicultural, creative and violent, hostile and conflictive.
Throughout her life, Luz has always been fascinated by images and how stories can be told with them. Her interest was cultivated from her childhood where she participated in numerous artistic projects and where she represented school life and her dissatisfaction with the authority in pamphlets that stuck on the walls and a sketchbook that was later discovered by one of her teachers. 
After finishing school, Luz Helena decided to study Art Restoration and Conservation in order to relate to art from a more technical and not so conceptual perspective.
Upon completing her career, Luz Helena specializes in Cultural Studies that allowed her to make a dialogue between the artistic and the political, including herself as the first person in her work without being the main theme but showing that she can not achieve her work beyond her own perception.
Her work so far is divided into oil painting and glass work ranging from stained glass to engraving.
The subjects are simply expressions of various events in her private life that are directly or indirectly made common to human beings but taking into account her condition as a woman, Latin American and eternal foreign.
Some people who have known the artistic journey of Luz Helena think that her style is closer to Magic Realism since it shows something common and everyday as unreal or strange. Its purpose is not to arouse emotions, but, rather, to express them, and it is above all things, an attitude towards reality.


Vernissage: 22. Nov. 2019, 19:00 Uhr

Ausstellung: 25. Nov. 2019 - 30.01.2020 zu den Öffnungszeiten des HdKs


Partizipative Aktionen/Workshops

Freitag, 22. November 2019, 19.00 Uhr

Veranstalter: Haus der Kulturen Braunschweig e.V. in Kooperation mit CreArte e.V. (Frauenbunt)

Anmeldung: nicht erforderlich

Ort: Haus der Kulturen Braunschweig, großer Saal

Kategorie: Ausstellungen

Kennnummer: 700710

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